Frequently ask questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers! This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

Are your Drivers TSA certified?

Yes. Atlas has TSA certified / TWIC drivers.

What is the most weight/pallets that you can handle?

We have straight trucks with lift gates that regularly handle 6 to 12 pallets with a weight capacity of 3500 up to 8500 lbs. However, please consider that logistically, more weight takes more planning and equipment. Please call as soon as you can for larger loads so we can find the mode of transportation needed for your delivery.

What kind of deliveries do you specialize in?

A majority of our business is medical, but we can handle anything from legal documents, to medical equipment, patient prescriptions, and up to machine parts. You need it delivered, we can make it happen, in an efficient and dependable way all while offering excellent customer service.

What are your hours of delivery?

We deliver 365 days a year with 24/7 coverage. We are here, so how can we help you?

What type of services do you provide?

We can design the coverage, you need. Basic services range from immediate, to a number of hours, all the way to next day service. We also provide sweep or routed coverage, plus large freight loads. The service choices are up to you and your company needs!

Do your delivery drivers carry temperature controlled cooler?

Yes, we specialize in medical, so the transportation of specimens is very specific to insure the integrity of the sample. We handle everything from room temp to frozen. Medical logistics and pharmaceutical deliveries are handled to your packaging, temperature specifications all while maintaining the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 guidelines for specimen’s integrity.

What type vehicles does Atlas have?

Atlas can handle your heavy loads, from Vans to Straight trucks with lift gates. Atlas provides the resources for your company’s freight needs of all sizes. Let us help you offer exceptional logistical service to your company and your clients.

What type billing frequency do you provide?

This is up to you. Credit card or set up an account with us, to be billed according to your company’s needs! We will walk you through the steps. We can help you get started. Call us today!

Do you provide insurance on packages /boxes being sent out?

Yes, all packages are covered by freight insurance and bonded.

How far does your company travel?

Up to 500 miles. Call us and we can help with your delivery needs for longer distances.

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