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Caring for those in need!

Atlas is a family that strives to do it's very best every day! These deliveries help patient and it is nice to see a driver with a smile. The drivers have always put the supplies where we need them, they are never dumped on a doorstep. It is so nice to have a partners to help, care for those in need!

- C.P.

Atlas is one of the best!

As a long time delivery service contractor, I have to say Atlas is one of the best. I have been with Kenny a few years now and he has always been very aware of the driver’s needs, he has several drivers that has been with Atlas for many years and one that has been there since the doors opened some 37 years ago. This alone says the business is operated in a very caring and concerned way to take care of his drivers and knows that without them Atlas could not be the great company that they are.

- R. H. (Contractor)

Nothing less than excellent service!

I work for a Global medical device company that is very dedicated to providing prompt and efficient delivery to patients and hospital staff who depend on our products and services. Because of this, it is imperative that we have a courier service that can meet our standards and professionalism and one that we can depend on. Our Company has been using Atlas Delivery for a very long time now and I will say that we receive nothing less than excellent service from them.

They have very personable and professional contractors who go out of their way to provide our customers with an exceptional delivery experience. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers see no change in the service that they have come to expect from our company. Their leadership is very focused on making sure that they address all our company’s needs. Just one example of this was during the last Flood that we had here in Houston during the month of April 2016. Even though we were forced to shut down our business for the day, that didn’t stop Atlas from handling some of our Critical orders that needed to get done. I would like to thank all of the staff on behalf of our Houston office for the outstanding service that you have provided us through the years. We look forward to using you for years to come.

- C. B. (Global medical device company)

High level of quality service!

We have been using Atlas Delivery since the early 80's for our medical deliveries. All of the drivers are very competent and professional. There have been many special situations where the drivers have gone out of their way to help us complete deliveries. Through the years Atlas has maintained a high level of quality service.

- K. Bautista (Texas Children's Hospital)

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